Why Massage

Everyone can benefit from massage therapy. The benefits of massage are extensive. Simply put, massage can help you feel more relaxed, reduce your stress levels, and relieve pain and muscle tension. Here are some examples of clients we have helped:

Kathleen Kathleen, from Appleton, has been getting massage weekly for over 5 years to help manage her Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia symptoms. When Kathleen first started receiving massage, she could only tolerate very light pressure. Over time, her body increasingly tolerated firmer pressure. Massage has helped relieve her muscle cramping and spasms, reduced her number of headaches, and improved her muscle tone and elasticity. Kathleen is a firm believer in the benefits of massage.


Gary Gary has been coming from Kaukauna every 6 weeks for the last 3 years to get massage. He stands on his feet all day at a high stress level job and getting massage has helped with his lower back and hip pain. Gary has found that the combination of Swedish massage and deep tissue work has improved the range of motion in his hips and has reduced pain throughout his body. Along with a healthy diet, the massages help him combat seasonal illnesses and leave him feeling rejuvenated for weeks.


Mazie Mazie has been getting massage weekly for just over a year. Dealing with anxiety and depression in addition to day to day stress, Mazie was looking for a positive way to deal with it all. Adjusting from purely relaxing massage to firm pressure regularly has helped Mazie leave sessions with a positive outlook and soothed muscles. She strongly believes in the connection between mind and body.